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You can talk to 1,000 different Vietnam Veterans and get 1,000 different stories about what their war experience was like. Some guys had it bad, some guys had it not so bad. It all depends on what part of the country they were in, what year they served in, and what their specific MOS and duty assignments were. They all served.


Kuhn: Bravo Company 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

I hope you enjoy this narrative about a naive teenage boy’s experiences, memories, and his evolutionary journey to becoming a Vietnam War Veteran who still struggles today to understand it all.

By: Robert Kuhn

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footnote disclaimer: This is not a blood and guts Rambo style action war story. If that is what you are looking for then this story is not for you. (And also, if there are any volunteer editors out there, I would love to hear from you!)


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